True and False America – Part 2

The wannabe MOTU are, generally speaking, unconcerned for We the People on Main Street in any benevolent way as they work to build a global empire by controlling the federal government, cunningly turning it away from its Constitutional framework and into support of their own self-serving goals and transnational enterprises. (See America, Freedom and Enlightenment appendixes.) The millions of decent, hard-working Americans who keep the country operating and the thousands of patriotic Americans who volunteer for military service are just fodder for their money mills.

Over the decades, Americans have been “dumbed down” and propagandized into thinking that the federal government has their best interests in mind. Consequently when they are told America has to go to war to protect our freedom, a lot of well-meaning, America-loving but brainwashed citizens start agreeing, when there is no threat to America and the real reason for beating the war drum is to advance Wall Street interests. I know; I myself was one of them.

The wannabes have so subtly intertwined their empire’s interests with traditional aspects of our government’s operations, and also many of our society’s—such as mass communications, education, foreign trade, philanthropic foundations and much of the scientific community—that activities which used to be genuinely patriotic and well-intended now actually work against the best interests of our nation. To a large extent the federal government no longer represents America. It represents the hidden interests and agendas of Wall Street. And to the extent that people accept it passively, without question or objection, We the People have become we the sheeple.

It’s as if there are two Americas existing within the same territory—one holy, the other profane. Discerning one from the other is critically important for our well-being and the future of our nation—indeed, of our world. It is also exceedingly difficult because both True America and False America fly the same flag, both claim patriotism and national interest as their motives and both use rhetoric referring to freedom and democracy to justify their actions.

(To be concluded)

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