True and False America – Part 1

True America is the America intended by our Founders on the basis of the ideals, principles and values they expressed and embraced. True America is We the People, the citizens of Main Street who work to build a more perfect union and implement the other objectives stated in the Preamble to the Constitution. True America is the good and virtuous folk who cheer for the red, white and blue, say “one Nation under God” and welcome legal immigrants to our shores and our way of life. True America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

However, True America is being lost as We the People drift from our economic, social, political and spiritual moorings. America is declining in civility, morality and patriotism—three primary indicators of health or sickness in the body politic. It is becoming the land of the freeloaders and the home of the depraved. (An alternative suggested by an acquaintance: The land of the me and the home of the knave.) The reasons for that are numerous and varied, but collectively they amount to a radical departure from our foundation. Without understanding and honoring those ideals, principles and values, our nation will continue to degenerate into False America—the corruption of True America which produces ever-larger government, ever-decreasing liberty and sovereignty, encroachment on human and civil rights, fiscal insolvency, economic dependence on government, social divisiveness and decay, intellectual miseducation, spiritual confusion, and, because of the welfare-warfare mentality inherent in it, unhappiness at home and anti-American hatred abroad.

False America is the invention of people who seek to rule us. They reject the bedrock foundation of America. They want to subordinate our free, self-ruling society to uncontrolled government—or, more precisely, government controlled by them. They intend to make government our master and thereby enslave us. These wannabe Masters of the Universe (MOTU) are a relatively small group of superrich banking, financial and corporate elites located mostly on Wall Street—a street which historically and symbolically has been, and largely still is, an honorable and useful part of True America. But the wannabe MOTU have to a significant extent captured and corrupted banking, finance and commerce in the name of their gods, Money and Power. They have changed Wall Street from that which invests in the economy to that which controls the economy. The free market which produces real wealth has been morphed into a casino in which financial processes and stock markets are rigged, inflated, improperly supervised by lax regulators and overvalued by phony credit ratings. And by “owning” the casino, the wannabe MOTU have created a vastly skewed distribution of wealth in America. The rich have gotten vastly richer—unfairly and insanely so, some say—while the middle class has gotten smaller and poorer, and the poor themselves are practically off the low end of the graph of wealth distribution.

(To be continued)

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