True and False America – Part 3

How can we know the true from the false? How can we separate fact from fiction and honesty from lies? How can we discern sincerity from mere lip service and veracity from clever propaganda and disinformation? How can we determine a genuine call to action from a hidden agenda? How can we tell the path of righteousness from the path of iniquity? How can we choose that which appreciates our past, clarifies our present and embraces a future which produces greater opportunity for the pursuit of happiness, with liberty, prosperity and justice for all? How can we reclaim our government and take back our nation from corrupt despoilers? How can we distinguish truthful reporting of the news by watchdogs from biased journalism by lapdogs and “presstitutes”? How can we distinguish the true patriot from the pseudopatriot and global unity from globaloney? How can we affirm our spiritual heritage? How can we keep our patriotism from being exploited to deliver money and power into the hands of plutocrats and oligarchs? How can we pledge allegiance to the American Republic of our Founders without being deceived and propagandized into pledging allegiance to the American Empire of the wannabe MOTU? (See Appendix 1, “The Dark Side of America,” in America, Freedom and Enlightenment for a greater description and explanation of False America. See Appendixes 2, 3 and 4 for commentary about True America.)

My fellow Americans, on the basis of the information and arguments set forth here (in America, Freedom and Enlightenment), it is possible for us to answer these questions clearly and thereby help our nation and the world to rise above its perennial divisions, with all their terrible expressions of man’s inhumanity to man. It is possible to attain a new understanding and mode of behavior which honors the sacred and transcendent source of life in everyone, regardless of their name for that source and the outward condition of life in their society. In other words, in its ideal form the American mind can become the basis for a universal mind of love and respect for the whole of humanity and its home. From that will naturally follow “peace on earth, good will toward men.” That step toward human unity is the purpose of America, Freedom and Enlightenment.

The century just passed has been called The American Century because of our nation’s supreme importance in global affairs. Now, as the world embarks upon a new millennium, I urge all Americans to take action to turn The American Century into The American Millennium. It is, I maintain, humanity’s only hope for a truly free and peaceful world. Thus, America, Freedom and Enlightenment is not about nationhood so much as it is about planethood and global community, and how America can lead us there.

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