The Constitution and the Liberal Mind—Part 3

Who Are the Destroyers of the Constitution?

Liberal used to mean “freeing” or “liberating,” as when the liberal arts freed a person’s mind from ignorance, superstition and subservience to those who would command him to surrender freedom of thought and conscience.  It denoted in its original meaning a great intellectual tradition which supports the liberty of the individual against the slavery of serfdom and dependence. 

The philosophy of John Locke, the Founding Fathers of America and the Age of Enlightenment—emphasizing liberty and individual rights—are examples of classical liberalism.  Thomas Jefferson’s words inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., say it well:  “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”  In short, classical liberalism signified belief in individual liberty rather than paternalistic government and belief in the self-evident truth that God, not government, is the source of our freedom, our sovereignty, our equality, our rights, our justice and our human dignity.  The four references to deity in the Declaration of Independence make that amply clear.

Nowadays the meaning of liberal has been inverted.  The modern liberal mindset is one which is profoundly anti-enlightenment, anti-God and anti- any recognition of the divine dimension of existence from which freedom and inherent natural rights come.  The keyword psychological descriptors for a modern liberal are:  egotism, narcissism, false pride, extreme self-centeredness, arrogant self-importance.  The modern liberal mindset is nothing less than the sin of Satan who, as Milton put it in Paradise Lost, would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.     

Psychologically speaking, Satan is the personification of the ego principle in Homo sapiens.  Satan is that extreme self-love which is so drunk on itself that it thinks it can do no wrong, knows better than everyone else, will accept no authority higher than itself, and believes it is morally empowered to force its will onto all others because it is so special. Like Satan’s wish for the universe, the arrogantly self-important egotist would remake the world in his or her own image.  Political communism is the quintessential form of that mindset, with its denial of the existence of God, soul and anything beyond the physical, material world.  But there are lesser forms of it operating throughout the political world, so that today the situation in its broadest aspect can be described as follows:

A liberal is someone who will defend to the death his right to run your life, spend your money, control your property and invade your privacy—and the Constitution be damned.  A liberal has three basic assumptions about himself—all of which are elitist, not egalitarian—because his secret wish, often unconscious even to himself, is to be Master of the Universe.  The assumptions are:

1. I am smarter than you and therefore I know how to run your life more capably than you.
2. I am better than you and therefore my special interests deserve to be supported by your taxes.
3. I am greater than you and therefore I am above the laws which govern you.

Anything contrary to this is hatefully regarded as regressive.  It becomes a target for legislation to control it and eventually eliminate it until there is nothing left but the Left—of which the so-called Right is part and parcel.  Of course, it’s all justified because they’re doing it “for your own good.” 

The thrust of all that is diabolical, sinister, satanic.  Its objective is total control of America and, beyond that, the world.  America is the staging area, via international treaties, global alliances, foreign policies and central banking, for domination of the entire planet—its people, resources, wealth, territory, even the oceans and outer space.  By stealth and cunning, a small group of superrich elitists intend to create a global plantation with you and me as serfs and slaves.  It has gotten control of Congress—the best government money can buy!—and most of the institutions of American society.  Through that, it is busily selling you and me down the river while setting itself up as Massa in “de big house.”  It has turned the American Republic into the American Empire.  Our nation of free people serving God’s divine purpose has become a worldwide enterprise serving the pleasure of wannabe Masters of the Universe.

All this is done under public declarations of good intention, of course.  But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and from the global plantation manor house, it’s just a short walk to the gates of Hell and Satan’s palace.

Only when the liberal mind recognizes the existence of God and God’s presence at the center of its own existence will it recognize in any meaningful way that God is also the center of everyone else. What follows from that recognition and humble submission to it will be reverence for everyone’s inalienable rights to life, liberty and the lawful pursuit of happiness, which is the American way—the Constitutional way—to an enlightened and truly free society.  What also follows from that recognition is the ascent of the liberative mind and perspective on human affairs.  If that can be done, the republic will be restored and America will resume its role as world leader in establishing a godly global society for the purpose of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.

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