The Constitution and the Liberal Mind—Part 2

The Constitution was not intended to govern the people; it was intended to govern the government.  As Patrick Henry put it, “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government—lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”  So after the Founders wisely limited the powers of the federal government to those enumerated in the Constitution, they amended the Constitution with the Bill of Rights, which specifies the inalienable rights of each citizen, no matter what the government or a majority of the population might otherwise want. 

In the America of our Founders—True America—the individual citizen was regarded as sovereign; no monarch, dictator or religious junta would ever rule us.  Through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the hard-won liberty and rights of individuals were to be preserved for them and their posterity.  Through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the federal government was to remain forever a servant of the people.

Today that is reversed.  The federal government has become our master.  It has unconstitutionally taken over an enormous number of state functions and has infringed an enormous number of personal rights and civil liberties.  Washington dictates to the states and local governments and to “We the People.”  In fact, We the People no longer have a federal government; we have a national government with power centralized in Washington—False America.  That power has been unconstitutionally grabbed by congresspeople who may call themselves conservative but who are really acting with liberals to expand government and confiscate our wealth in order to redistribute it to their special interests, starting with themselves.  Whether it’s earmarks or bailouts, they’ve learned they can steal from the public treasury to buy votes, influence and social status, and to line their own pockets.  Congress has given itself pay, perks, privileges and pensions far better than they would receive from private industry—more self-conferred largesse from the public treasury.
The federal government created by the Framers of the Constitution has narrowly circumscribed functions and power.  The national government created by Destroyers of the Constitution has nearly unlimited functions and power.  It intrudes into every aspect of our lives and federalizes matters intended to be left to the states and local communities.  Moreover, the Destroyers have created a welfare state which addicts citizens to government handouts and numbs them, intellectually and morally, to the danger of welfarism.  Last of all, the national government is rushing us into international pacts and global alliances which undermine our national sovereignty, override the Constitution and bring America into a world government being set up through the United Nations.  Under that world government, you can say good-bye to your liberty, your sovereignty, your equality, your rights, your property, your justice, your privacy and your freedom of thought.
So the division you see presented in the major media is not real.  It’s all smoke and mirrors intended to keep you from catching on to what’s really happening.  The division is actually constitutional vs. unconstitutional government.  To put it another way, it is actually a struggle between those who want to preserve our rights and liberties—True America—and those who want to abolish them—False America.  It is a struggle between those who love freedom and those who consciously seek to establish tyranny or unconsciously are aiding and abetting that.  
All that adds up to the fact that America essentially has a one-party political system—the Establishment Party.  It has a Democrat wing and a Republican wing, but both of them are owned by the Establishment, by the plutocracy.  Hence the party is known as the Republicrats.  Behind scenes the same superrich corporate and financial elites are pulling the strings of their puppets in politics, from the White House on down to state capitols.  The Establishment party—the party of False America—is responsible for the political and social crisis we’re in.  Its aim is to enslave its enemy, We the People, using golden shackles in the form of welfare and faux benevolence (“We’re doing it for the children”).
(To be continued)

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