John White, Navy Picts

John White at 17 in 1957.
“I used to have six-pack abs…”
Syd Lamb, Mitch Kapor & John White, Cheshire, CT John White at a Yale University reunion in 2011.
“…but they turned into a keg.”

John W White, Cheshire, CT Lt in Navy 1963

The author of The Gulf of Tonkin Events—Fifty Years Later in 1963…
John White, Cheshire, CT - Veterans Day 2011 …and half a century later in 2011.
John White holding baby goat
On working pilgrimage in Jeremie, Haiti, in February 2011 after the massive earthquake which devastated the country.

John White reads the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2014, in a public celebration of our nation’s birth. Go to 48:53 to see him.