Obama as “Father of Our Country”—Part 3

The root cause of crime in America is the breakdown of the two-parent, marriage-based family which is responsible for socializing their children and teaching them morality, personal responsibility, the work ethic, the value of education, respect for personal property, respect for law and order, and respect for duly constituted authority.  Of course, that is true, regardless of race or color.
And why has the two-parent, marriage-based family broken down?  The welfare system—the “long march” into cradle-to-grave entitlement to just about everything for the “poor” and “underprivileged” and “disadvantaged” at the expense of taxpayers.  In 1994, when Minority Leader Newt Gingrich introduced his Contract With America and recaptured Republican control of Congress with his trailblazing idea to put the welfare system out of work, millions of formerly dependent welfare recipients got job training and jobs, effectively raising the self-esteem and independence of multimillions of black Americans who had suffered under the Democrat-controlled indentured slavery welfare system for decades. That system had created a permanent government-funded underclass which was predominantly black. 
In fact, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” and its extensions by federal and state governments has been one of the greatest social-political failures in U.S. history—and probably the costliest.  It led directly to the breakup of families and to driving fathers out of the home, so that young people grow up without a male role model-authority figure in their lives.  
The welfare rules first encouraged unwed motherhood and then encouraged unwed mothers to have more children to get more welfare money, in essence subsidizing promiscuity!  The rules also penalized the mother if there was a male (wage-earner or not) in the household by reducing welfare payments.  As a result, kids were running in the streets, getting into drugs and crime and other antisocial behavior.  In a socially destructive spiral, babies were having babies, and poorly educated and poorly socialized children were having children who were then even more poorly educated and socialized—all at the expense of the taxpayer.  In other words, the government was subsidizing poverty! 
Moreover, when the children’s parents were derelict in their responsibilities, the government stepped in to make the children wards of the state, rather than relatives or private charity taking responsibility.  The state then became the authority-father figure as provider and protector.  It’s impossible to bond to that kind of “father,” but you sure can get addicted to the welfare payments and state-provided benefits.  
But Obama refuses to recognize or acknowledge this shameful history of government-controlled family life.  His “solution” calls for more of the same unworkable approaches which are destroying America as a land of prosperity and opportunity, and transforming it into a socialist state in which the father-provider is nothing but faceless bureaucrats and the family-recipients have no responsibility other than to keep their hands out and wait for the welfare check because they’ve come to believe that entitlements are rights.
Freud said, “Happiness is the fulfillment of a childhood wish.”  It isn’t a wish for power, wealth or fame, but for loving nurturance in a stable two-parent family.  Citizen Kane’s last word, “Rosebud,” reflected his failure to find happiness through power, wealth and fame—because happiness can never be obtained through them.  Under President Obama, America is being turned into a socialist state in his vain quest to capture what he never had.  The state will become a nice nanny, taking care of everyone.  And the love and approval and appreciation for all that will go to The Great Provider.
But it’s widely recognized that a government big enough to give you everything is a government big enough to take everything you have.  The nice nanny becomes Big Brother.  The white glove comes off to reveal an iron fist inside it.
Beyond that, however, the unrequited yearning for a father’s love continues to grow in the only way possible—the deification of Obama as The Messiah.  He has never renounced the childish public adulation he’s received as the The One, The Messiah.  Patriots recognize how foolish and even satanic it all is, but Obama’s mindset goes beyond replacing the Father of Our Country.  It goes all the way to replacing God the Father.  Caution:  Watch out for signs reading “In Obama We Trust” and “One Nation under Obama.”
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